Hello + Welcome

I grew up going to church in a wonderful community church built by the town's folk, a beautiful rock church that to me breathed spirituality. Then the doors were not locked, and one could enter that peaceful building at any time, and just sit. I loved that, I could feel it down to my bones.

However, just as important I spend the vast majority of my time outdoors along the Columbia River, hiking, fishing, and hunting.


It was there that I felt that same connection to God and the universe that I felt in that little church.


It is that connection to creation that I attempt to allow to shine through my work, whether it be photographing people or the world in which we find ourselves living.


While I love the country and need my time there, I also believe that this connection is to be found everywhere, even in the middle of the greatest cities.


It is this essence, this connection, spirituality I desire strive to make evident in my work.


Welcome to my site, I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to check out my blog, sometimes words help


Peace to you and yours.


Hi welcome to our site and thanks for stopping by. Our main focus is people photography and it is our desire to bring you the best in creative, relevant and affordable photography for your Wedding, Portrait or Event. We are happy to bring our extensive and varied photographic experience to capture all the emotion, beauty and drama of life for you in beautiful images of those memorable moments that you offer us the honor and privilege of sharing with you and those who mean the most to you. Please check out our blog to find out about upcoming events and to keep up on what is going on at Rick Luiten Photography