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David Swann(non-registered)
Rick, I don't know you, or how I found you. I think it originally came from wandering around FB. One page led to another, and somehow I found your website. You know how that goes.

I've been a commercial photographer, portrait photographer, fine art photographer and photography collector for more than 47 years. I've worked with my wife, Susan, for all that time. She does all of our post production. (www.sx70.com has Susan's personal work) Now, we do mostly architecture and fashion/cosmetics.

Your work is so beautiful and so amazingly well done, it kept my attention until I looked at every image on your site! I'm working right now, and have much work to do, but I just couldn't tear myself away from your site. I spent over an hour examining and appreciating your fabulous work.

Your vision is amazing, your execution is superb, your resulting images are absolutely spectacular and luxurious! I have never seen work as captivating and spell-binding as yours! Your work also captures a wonderful sense of humanity and sensitivity.

Thanks for being out there, and Congrats!!
Sally Dillinger(non-registered)
Love Looking at your Photographs they are just AWESOME Keep up the good work
Jamie Hands(non-registered)
Gary Morris(non-registered)
That's some pretty good stuff, a wide range of subjects
Crystal Freeman(non-registered)
Great work Rick. Amazing view through your eyes.

Best Regards,
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