As a wedding, portrait, event, promotional and travel & adventure photographer serving Oregon and the west coast, I am known best for my dramatic, authentic, poignant and timeless photography.  I use light, texture and dimension to enhance the mood, emotion and energy that my clients bring to the whole photography experience as I capture the relevant emotions, romance, energy, and passion of a wedding, event, portrait well really any photographic endeavor.

When it comes to weddings, which I truly love photographing my approach is to capture the essence of your personalities by chronicling your day naturally.  No two weddings are the same, each person and their family and friends bring different personalities, hopes and desires to a wedding so to shoot each wedding the same would not be doing justice to such an important and beautiful life event.  I will photograph the day as it unfolds naturally in a way that reflects the natural nuances and uniqueness of your special day.

I spent the first fifteen years of my photography career as a fashion photographer. I traveled throughout the United States and Canada photographing thousands of women and men.  At times I worked with hundreds of models, designers, assistants, clients, makeup artists as well as parents and agents in one day under demanding high pressure time constraints. This gave me invaluable experience in working in a pressurized situation while effectively capturing your wedding in a beautiful, romantic and unforgettable manner but it also taught me to do so under pressure. I will be the calm in the midst of the storm. The experience of this and hundreds of weddings has taught me that each wedding is different and the unique blend of personalities and circumstances will come together and create a truly memorable and wonderful day.

While photographing a wedding this last year I overheard a bridesmaid saying to her mother what I consider to be one of the best compliments I think I have ever had as a wedding photographer. She said. “I have been watching the photographer. He seems to be everywhere yet never in the way. He is not telling everyone what to go but moves around unnoticed taking his pictures.” This made my smile as that is my intention, to get great shots while being as unobtrusive as possible. 

I have always been a story teller both with photography and verbally. I am a whitewater raft guide and have loved sitting around a camp fire on a remote section of river telling stories. I love telling stories with my photos as well. My wife Darla who is an amazing artist and trained in Florence Italy under a renaissance master has said, “The painting should tell the story, no words are necessary.” This is exactly the way I approach the photography at your wedding.

I love photographing weddings and I will work tirelessly during your wedding and subsequent many hours of processing. I put eyes and hands on every image taken and do not just click a preset. Light, texture, dimension, composition, passion, mood, emotion, energy, romance, anticipation,  and relationships are the elements that I will make us of in crating your beautiful, inspiring and cherished wedding photos.